Applying for jobs is highly competitive and with the ability to be able to apply for jobs online, your chance of being overlooked is very high. With so many Resumes received every day by recruiters and hiring managers, they literally don’t have enough time to read them all properly.

To make their job easier, the majority skim your CV and use ATS (Applicant Tracking System) software that scans CVs for pre-programmed keywords. If your CV is not highly skim-able and is not keyword optimised, then your CV will disappear into a black hole with thousands of other CVs, never to be read.


The struggles of writing your own CV

You’re looking for a new role, and you have heard and read much conflicting advice on how to succeed in getting jobs. You also have no idea what you did in previous roles that could be considered worthwhile achievements. Perhaps you hate writing, grammar and spelling or you aren’t even a native English speaker. You may have no idea of what is now considered inappropriate or out-of-date to include in your CV.

You may have had bad results with job interviews in the past or even just thinking about job interviews terrifies you. After all, they are the most important part of the job-seeking process.

You can feel confused, anxious and stressed by attempting this arduous process by yourself. It can seem overwhelming, especially when there is so much riding on it.

Stop Wasting your money and act now!

Let’s say that you are currently earning $60,000 per year. That is $5000 per month you are receiving. If your goal is to be earning $80,000, which is $6667 per month, that means that for every month you don’t earn your target salary, you’re costing yourself $1667 per month!
Or perhaps you have an IT degree but you’re stuck in a café or restaurant serving tables, or in a supermarket stacking shelves or delivering pizza. Your newly acquired knowledge and skills are going to waste, and you are completely unfulfilled. You know you are capable of more but feel you are letting yourself down.

A few years ago, my client, Hazel, was in an accounting role in an unhappy work environment. It consisted of long hours and a salary she wasn’t satisfied with. She wanted more in her career and salary, so she came to Career Coach Max to use our CV writing and job interview services. Since then she has gone on to three more roles in that time, allowing her to more than double her salary, gain New Zealand residency and enabled her to buy a house. She is now in a role that values her and makes her feel content and is provided with continuous career development and progression.

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